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Rays of Light Ministries

Missionaries and Pastors

Norman & Carol Allender

If you seek the truth and a reality, your search will end at Rays of Light Ministries - an independent Pentecostal church. There you will find a friendly environment.


Here you will find men, women, young people and children who have experienced the love of God that is possible through Jesus Christ. Maybe like you, they sought happiness elsewhere and did not find it. Now you are invited to come to the abundant life that Christ offers, and to experience satisfaction through services centered on a Biblical church.


We offer the following:




Beautiful worship services with songs and sacred music where the presence of God is real.




Would you like to understand the Bible better? There are sermons by pastors, and compassionate teachers await you every Sunday as part of Sunday School. We also offer Bible studies and worship services as part of our week-long program of services, which will make the Bible real for you.




We minister to the needy with food and clothing when available.




We have a church that prays. We have seen great miracles from God. If you want prayer, have a request, have questions about the Bible or want to know the address to the church, write us or call the temple office. Also if this Web Site is a blessing to you let us know.


Since we do not receive mail in the church, you can write us to 



 P.O. Box 2693

McAllen, TX. 78502


God bless you all

jesus said

"i am the light of the world"

Holy Bible

The location of our Church

Templo Rayos De Luz

520 N. Erica St. Pharr, TX 78577

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